Perennial Favorites: Traffic Dos and Don’ts

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ULV EDUC 407 – Prof. Tadeja (TMI?)

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Well, I am re-blogging this particular blog because, a) I follow this one and b) Perennial Favorites: Traffic Dos and Don’ts, definitely hit the nail on the head for me.

You may wish to review this post, which took place well over a year ago, but still holds true to form today!

The information in this How to genre was enlightening.


The Daily Post

One of the most frequent questions bloggers ask us — and themselves — is how to get more readers. In this post I wrote a year ago, I went over some of the basic things you should consider when trying to grow your audience. While there’s no secret magic formula (do share if you’ve found one!), I hope it gives you some fresh ideas to try out. And, if you’re looking for a more in-depth look at traffic and growth, you’re in luck: we have a free ebook devoted exclusively to that topic.

One of the main reasons bloggers stop blogging is lack of traffic: at some point, they get tired of being the proverbial tree in the forest, making sounds nobody hears.

We’re here to help. No list of advice can guarantee your blog’s success, but it’s important to be aware of the most critical elements at play…

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Snag It? Let’s not be catty about this!


Ok…another fancy smancy assignment…I am soooo blogging this!

So yeah, my Prof. has me doing another Techno-licious class assignment.  He says, “Create a “how-to” instructional visual guide in this program called, SNAGIT, and Get the Educational Discount of only $30.00 ($28.95) a month. Then upload it into this other “new” website called SCREENCAST.” 

So, once again I am opening up three more social media accounts and exposing more about me. This time I will show the world HOW I TEACH SOMEONE the easy way to photo shop any given Google image and also inserting one of their own personal photo’s so that they can utilize it in a story or class assignment like mine. meow!

Is this legal? Should I tell the world how to Google an image, import it onto their PC desktop, then alter it using a simple Accessory called PAINT which everyone has access to? Apparently so…

Well, it turned out that after much trial and error, this is a software application that just might prove to be quite useful in my future as an Educator. I can think of countless ways to use this type of visual guide for my Students, Parents, Colleagues and even my very own college bound son.

Thanks Prof. T.

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Here comes everybody and here goes everything

Here goes everything…

My reasons for utilizing social media have often been a form of social espionage involving the need to find out more about people who should, could and would otherwise be classified as family members. Simple communication via email and researching necessary information via the WWW were the extent of my desire to use these social networks. ULV ED 407 Prof. T. has infused his coursework with so many various social Medias, that I feel as if I am no longer vulnerable, and that there is no area of my intimate non-intriguing life left unexposed.
However, I have “forged ahead” into a tunnel of technology to reach the golden ring, feeling each time that my arms are too short, but the feeling of spinning is exciting, and necessary to accomplish my task. With each assignment, I discover more intriguing social and technological media sites, reeling me into a no-return state of mind. Here I share an awesome soundtrack on Soundcloud, similar to ICloud, but created to give people EVERYWHERE the audio experience of various locations on Earth.

This site gave me direct access to the author, Clay Shirkey’s “TECHNO-SCHEMATIC” Google Book titled, “Here comes Everybody.” This book is a voyeur’s worst nightmare and a People Watcher’s fantasy. For me as a future educator, it is a sign of the time, indicative of the need for me to reevaluate my future teaching methods prior to starting my new curriculum design material.
It is a bit overwhelming at first, but immediately becomes the comforting “white noise” that we as humans need to survive. If we could pump this type of Soundcloud into the realms on earth that are surrounded by concrete walls, we could expedite insanity and coerce suicide on a mass level. JK LOL.

See (or should I say hear?) for yourself:

“Here Comes Everybody” chapter 1:
Walkers, Runners, Commuters, Polluters…Cleaners, Refiners,
“Here Comes Everybody” chapter 2:
Children, dogs, all-comers…
“Here Comes Everybody” chapter 3:
Yip, Yip, Yippety-Yak, Click, Click, Clickety-Clack, the dog chases the train that takes you to work…
“Here Comes Everybody” chapter 4:
Going to and from with baggage in my hand with…
“Here Comes Everybody” chapter 12:

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06/28/2014 2:27 PM My word pressed the flickering blog:

06/28/2014 2:27 PM.

My word pressed the flickering blog:
No, I will not be coerced into creating another techno savvy, socially invasive, online internet account!   Or so I thought, as I enrolled in my ULV Summer Term college course. However, as soon as I logged into my online course, my very first assignment was, “If you want to do something to get started, create a blog account at (not and set up an About Me page with a picture of yourself and a bio that introduces you to the course members.” I must say that this instruction immediately took away my Dr. Dread and Debbie Downer attitude toward technology and social invasion. After all, if I was to accomplish my goals, and learn how to infuse technology into my future as a Teacher in High School, I darn well better be willing to lay it all on the line…ONLINE that is!

So that is what I have been doing this summer, learning (not .org!), and the difference between Blogging and Wiki-ing, Teaching In The Clouds which distinctly focuses on ceding the learning to the students, and removing them from the actual building and classroom environment. I have utilized Picasa to create and upload a film, which by the way allowed me to use a program I would have ignored otherwise. All my creativity was absorbed into personal information (non-invasive of course!) About Me, to submit to Professor T. and my classmates, with the challenge of sharing creatively.

I am learning how to be more open socially, technologically learning the vocab versus the lingo, and feeling pretty good about this course work and the learning objectives. I am happy that I took this during the summer, although moving from a home to a new home was not very helpful. The idea about internet technology and infusing these modes of communication will be constructive for me, my students, and best of all provide a supportive platform for me to scaffold.